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Discover What is the Best Brand of Aftermarket Car Parts

So you’re thinking about upgrading your car, but OEM parts seem pricey. Believe me, I get it. Figuring out the best brand of aftermarket car parts for your ride can feel overwhelming with so many options. You want quality without breaking the bank, right? This is where digging a little deeper into those aftermarket options pays off.

You’ll learn more about buying aftermarket car parts, popular brands, and tips to help you decide if going aftermarket is the right choice. It’s your car, after all. Let’s get started.

Aftermarket vs. OEM: The Showdown

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These OEM parts are identical to those originally used when assembling your car. You can often find them at dealerships, but they come with a higher price tag.

Now for the contenders - aftermarket parts. Think of companies independently manufacturing parts that often fit a wider range of car models.

This is where it gets interesting. While not always identical to OEM, they offer more choices at varying price points and can be found in more places than OEM parts.

Digging Deeper: Perks & Pitfalls

You'll find tons of auto parts, from spark plugs to brake pads, that cost less than OEM alternatives. This price difference is often because many aftermarket brands use slightly different materials or processes.

But cheaper doesn’t always equal bad. Many car enthusiasts will tell you some aftermarket manufacturers are known for their top-notch quality control.

These brands build parts sometimes exceeding OEM standards - especially those focused on performance upgrades for folks passionate about tricking out their rides. You know who you are.

However, it's important to keep in mind that not all aftermarket parts are built the same. Sometimes you'll stumble upon a poorly made part, risking compatibility issues.

Warranty coverage may not be as comprehensive either compared to what you would typically get from a dealership selling original equipment.

Which Brands Come Out on Top?

You've heard it before - “go with what you know”. Well, it's true.

Big-name brands like Bosch, Bilstein, Denso, and ACDelco are well respected in the automotive aftermarket industry. I can say from personal experience, each has a reputation for reliability, especially for common parts like brake pads, shock absorbers, or even spark plug wires.

Rank Brand
1 Bilstein
2 Bosch
5 ACDelco
6 Moog Suspension

When buying parts for popular models, for example, a Chevrolet Corvette C8 or a Jeep Wrangler, you'll have tons of options at your fingertips. But this isn't always the case, particularly for some niche car brands or those no longer rolling off assembly lines.

Performance & You: Aftermarket Upgrades

So you're looking to make your car faster, or maybe sound a whole lot cooler? I know how exciting it is.

That's where aftermarket upgrades for things like intake systems and exhaust systems, even specialized suspension components can significantly change how your car performs. This is a whole different world compared to simple replacements.

Aftermarket brands such as Magnaflow, known for their awesome-sounding exhaust systems, and K&N, with their high-flow air filters, often pop up.

However, remember it’s really important to do your research and ensure compatibility with your car. I can’t overstate the importance of reading product descriptions before taking the plunge.

And for you visual learners out there, don’t underestimate how valuable installation guides or YouTube videos can be before buying car parts online.

Beyond Performance: Aftermarket Aesthetics

What if you’re aiming to make your car more YOU? Maybe add your own personal flair?

Aftermarket car accessories, such as stylish lighting products, sleek tonneau covers for pickups, even cool floor mats, are a great place to start.

These parts offer limitless possibilities. So whether your style is about rugged practicality or sleek, sporty lines, go wild and customize your vehicle. Make a statement.

Just remember to look for products known for quality materials and construction. There’s nothing worse than having that fancy new upgrade fall apart shortly after installing it. You know what I mean; it's happened to all of us.

FAQs About What is the Best Brand of Aftermarket Car Parts

Who Makes the Best Aftermarket Auto Parts?

The truth is, there isn't a simple "one brand fits all" answer. Determining the best brand really depends on your specific needs.

If you’re after suspension parts, Bilstein is often a top pick. Need reliable and budget-friendly brake parts? Bosch might be a great choice. Do your homework.

This way, you’ll make an informed decision aligned with your budget and needs. It’s about finding the brand excelling in your desired category - engine parts, brakes, suspension components, or stylish car accessories. Think about what aspects are most important when making those modifications, whether longevity, better performance, or a unique style for your vehicle.

Who is the Best Auto Parts Company?

Picking one "best" company overall is almost impossible. Companies specialize.

You’ll see that reflected in the parts they create and how these companies position themselves. However, well-known and reputable brands like Bosch, with their incredibly wide range of automotive parts, are a great example of this.

Additionally, companies like Denso, known primarily as an OEM supplier to car manufacturers, also maintain a huge presence in the aftermarket industry.

Is it Better to Buy OEM Parts or Aftermarket?

This decision depends on you, specifically your individual needs, priorities, and what's most important at that moment.

OEM often means better compatibility and manufacturer warranties. That can be valuable.

However, aftermarket parts, particularly with brands recognized for their quality control, may provide cost savings without necessarily compromising what’s most important.

Which is Better: OEM or Genuine Parts?

The words “OEM” and “genuine” are used interchangeably. They generally mean the part is identical to what your vehicle's manufacturer would use.

They might cost more. But for many, that extra expense buys peace of mind.

This rings true, particularly if your car is still covered by warranty.


Finding the best aftermarket parts for your car involves a bit more than picking a random brand off the shelf. Trust me; I know the feeling of standing there in the store staring at rows and rows of parts.

Determining the right fit means balancing price, quality, and what you want from those car upgrades. It all ties back into knowing your car, your goals, and carefully choosing components making the best sense for you.

By doing a little research and understanding those trade-offs, figuring out the best brand of aftermarket car parts for your unique ride should be straightforward.