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2020+ C8 Corvette Performance Aftermarket Car Parts

Aftermarket C8 Corvette Parts

You've finally done it. You’re the proud owner of a C8 Corvette. It's a beautiful machine, but you know you can always make it better. With so many different C8 corvette aftermarket parts available, where do you even start?

Don't forget about our CPG platinum carbon fiber interior parts for the C8. We've created an entire line of interior parts for the C8.

C8 corvette aftermarket parts offer a chance to customize your vehicle and really make it your own. From simple additions like floor mats to performance-enhancing mods, the possibilities are practically endless. But you don't want to just throw any old part on your Corvette. Let’s look at different ways to upgrade your C8, both inside and out. Let's explore some of the coolest C8 Corvette parts and accessories available.

Exterior Enhancements for Your Corvette Stingray

Let's face it, the Corvette Stingray already looks amazing right off the production line. However, there’s always room for personalization, right? Exterior aftermarket parts can amplify your C8's aesthetic appeal and aerodynamics. This section covers some of the best C8 Corvette exterior parts.

Front Splitter Lips and Aerodynamic Kits

Front splitter lips not only look sharp, but also enhance downforce, which improves handling at higher speeds. A VM style splitter adds a nice aggressive look and there are more subtle options available as well. Some manufacturers offer complete aerodynamic packages that include front splitters, side skirts, and rear diffusers. If you're really looking to take things to the next level, consider a full body kit. These kits completely transform the look of your car, often incorporating design elements from the Z06 or even race cars. Be sure to choose a kit that’s high-quality and professionally installed.

Carbon Fiber: Light as a Feather, Strong as Steel

Who doesn't love carbon fiber? Carbon fiber parts not only offer impressive strength, they're super light, helping to improve performance by reducing weight. Popular C8 Corvette carbon fiber parts include hoods, spoilers, side skirts, and even mirror covers. Car Parts Guys will be providing interior carbon fiber pieces shortly.

Spoilers and Rear Diffusers

While I was at car event last month, I saw some great examples of spoilers and diffusers on display. It really showed how a C8's look can be elevated with even simple additions.

Spoilers aren't just about aesthetics, although that sleek, sporty vibe is a nice plus. Rear spoilers can significantly enhance downforce at the back of the car. This improved stability, especially at higher speeds. Similar to front splitters, there's a range of spoilers available, from subtle lip spoilers to more aggressive wings. Rear diffusers, often used in combination with spoilers, help channel airflow underneath the car. This reduces drag and can increase downforce, creating a more planted and responsive feel while you're driving.

Upgrade the Heart of your Corvette

C8 Corvette performance parts can take your driving experience to the next level. Under the hood, a C8 already packs serious punch with a stock engine, but if you're looking to make your Stingray a track beast or just want a little extra oomph for those freeway onramps, these are some engine-focused modifications you might want to look into.

High Flow Exhaust Systems

High flow exhaust systems give you a throatier engine sound. A performance exhaust system reduces back pressure, which can sometimes lead to modest performance gains. Popular brands include Akrapovic, Borla, and Corsa, all known for top-notch quality.

Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intake systems supply cooler, denser air to the engine. C8 Corvette intakes boost horsepower and torque, particularly noticeable in the mid to upper RPM range. Just keep in mind, some intakes may require a custom tune for optimal performance.

Forced Induction: Go Turbo or Supercharged?

Ready to go all out with power gains? That’s where forced induction comes in. A supercharger or turbocharger will definitely put a big smile on your face. These upgrades provide a significant jump in power. They do, however, involve serious modifications to your engine. Choosing an experienced and reputable shop specializing in C8 performance upgrades is absolutely crucial when going this route.

Transform the Interior: Where Luxury and Performance Collide

A Corvette is known for performance, but a luxurious feel doesn’t hurt, especially with the C8. While C8 Corvettes boast sleek, modern interiors, certain C8 Corvette aftermarket parts help tailor the interior space to match your preferences.

Custom Floor Mats

When you get inside your Corvette, you want to make sure every detail is right. Floor mats aren’t just about protection, they add a personal touch. Look for mats designed specifically for the C8 Corvette. This way, you can be sure they fit the unique footwells perfectly and feature cool elements like stingray emblems. Several manufacturers, like Lloyd Mats, specialize in custom floor mats, allowing you to select your own colors, materials, and even have your initials embroidered.

Interior Trim Enhancements

Interior parts like dashboard trim, door sill plates, and even paddle shifters are a subtle way to transform your C8 Corvette’s interior. You can go all out with carbon fiber, giving that ultimate race-inspired look. If you prefer something more subtle, you’ve got options like billet aluminum or painted trim pieces to match your Corvette’s exterior color. Many high-quality interior trim parts offer simple installation that’s easily done at home. This makes upgrading interior trim an easy way to instantly up the wow-factor of your Corvette.

Corvette Racing-Inspired Upgrades

You may never drive on Le Mans but that doesn't mean your C8 Corvette can't look and feel the part. Some manufacturers like EOS create race car inspired aftermarket parts for C8 Corvettes. Some popular C8 Corvette racing enhancements are things like harness bars for enhanced safety on the track. You may also find aftermarket seats which improve both performance and your driving position. If you're truly looking to improve performance for serious track use, it’s smart to talk with an experienced mechanic or professional specializing in race prep.

C8 Corvette Accessories

C8 Corvette accessories enhance functionality and show off your Corvette pride.

Car Covers: Protection for your Investment

While that garage you just bought is a great way to protect your Corvette, a custom fit C8 car cover keeps your Corvette’s paint protected from scratches and dust when not in use. You can even choose C8 Corvette car covers that feature the Corvette logo. Look for high-quality materials and breathable covers to prevent moisture from getting trapped.

License Plate Frames: Subtle Style Points

Something I’ve noticed in both new and classic Corvettes at car shows is that it's hard to see the Corvette license plate. Many opt to install C8 Corvette license plate relocators which fix the problem and showcase that awesome stingray diffuser. C8 Corvette license plates always catch my eye. An aluminum license plate frame engraved with “Corvette” or “Stingray” is another small way to add personalization. These frames, especially the C8 Corvette license plate frame, enhance the overall style of the C8. Plus, this kind of subtle detail can turn into a conversation starter with fellow enthusiasts.

FAQs about C8 corvette aftermarket parts

What is the best upgrade for the C8?

The best C8 Corvette aftermarket parts really come down to individual preferences and driving style. However, we noticed that high-flow exhaust systems are a popular choice. They offer that iconic V8 rumble that a lot of people love. For track use, carbon fiber aerodynamic components, or lighter wheels can improve lap times. At the end of the day, choose the upgrades that align with your goals for your Corvette and your budget.

What are common problems with the C8 Corvette?

Early models did have a few glitches, things like infotainment issues and a few engine issues. A majority have been sorted out by recalls. Before adding modifications, it's best to have your C8 inspected by a qualified mechanic specializing in Corvettes. They’ll be able to let you know of any potential issues, as well as recommend good aftermarket options.

Is there a shortage of parts for the C8?

Supply chain issues in recent years did have some effect on availability of certain parts. For aftermarket parts, particularly popular ones, some delays do happen from time to time. Checking availability of certain parts is a good idea before making a final decision. A lot of companies now provide updates on availability on their websites, although you can also contact their customer support directly.

Is the C8 Corvette cheap to maintain?

It really depends on how you drive and maintain your C8 Corvette. While the C8 Corvette isn't cheap to maintain, it's generally not more costly to maintain than other performance cars in the same category. Regularly scheduled maintenance is a good habit. That helps avoid any more significant issues down the road. Remember, always use high-quality oils and parts specifically designed for your Corvette.


The C8 Corvette, already an impressive performance machine, can truly become something special with C8 Corvette aftermarket parts. As you personalize your Corvette with various C8 Corvette aftermarket parts, consider all of your options to create a truly unique vehicle.