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Affordable Hood & Wind Deflectors Online

Elevate your ride’s comfort and protection with the newest window deflector styles at Car Parts Guys! Our AVS and WeatherTech window deflectors reduce drafty window noise, protect your interiors from the elements, and feature a sturdy, in-channel design for a clean-looking finish. Unlike other tape-on wind deflectors or hood protectors that can easily dislodge or interfere with window performance, our professionally engineered models fit safely within your window frame without the need for cutting, drilling, or skilled labor. 

We Carry the Following Brands:

  • AVS
  • WeatherTech
  • Subaru
  • Westin
  • & More
  • How AVS & WeatherTech Window Deflectors Help

    Whether you opt for a tinted or chrome wind deflector style, you’ll experience the dramatic difference in ride comfort immediately. Built from incredibly durable cast acrylic or polycarbonate depending on the style you choose, our AVS and WeatherTech window deflectors can withstand years of the harshest weather conditions. In addition, our aerodynamic designs shield your valuable interiors and exteriors every time you take a trip or park your ride.

    If this is your first time shopping for deflectors, here are a few reasons to consider our professionally designed WeatherTech window deflectors for your next update: 

    • Road Protection:  Even small pieces of gravel and debris can lead to serious scuffs and scratches. With a hood and wind deflector installed, road debris, rocks, and splashing mud are instantly deflected away from any open windows and the front of your vehicle.
    • Interior Protection: By shielding your interiors from excessive sun exposure, rain, and snow, our AVS window deflectors are a simple and cost-effective way to preserve your valuable interiors. 
    • Ride Comfort: Enjoy the fresh breeze without that awful wind turbulence sound. Our perfectly tinted and chrome Subaru window deflectors also keep the sun out of your eyes for a pleasant and distraction-free drive. 
    • Safer Vehicle Parking: With an AVS window deflector installed, feel free to crack your windows before you park and return to a cooler, less stuffy car.  You’ll also keep the rain, snow, and sleet away for clean and dry seats when you return. 

    Find the Perfect AVS Window Deflectors Online 

    Only sourced from trusted aftermarket manufacturers, all of our AVS, WeatherTech and Subaru window deflectors are backed by the best manufacturer warranties and ongoing support long after the purchase. We’ll gladly walk you through the entire installation process, help you compare the best hood deflectors for your vehicle, and protect every purchase with our no-hassle return policy if there’s ever a problem with the deflectors. 

    Looking for other ways to improve your ride for less? Beyond our protective lineup of WeatherTech and AVS window deflectors and hood deflectors, we have a growing collection of exclusive aftermarket exterior options to define a more personalized style. We’re always adding to our newest aftermarket options, and are the best resource for hard-to-find items that you won’t find in other online automotive stores. 

    Need assistance finding the exact Dodge, Ford, or Subaru window deflectors for your vehicle? Get in touch with our car customization pros today, and we’ll connect you with a variety of affordable deflector styles that bring out the best in your new and protected appearance.