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2022+ BRZ GR86 Aftermarket Parts

2022+ BRZ GR86 Aftermarket & Performance Parts

The arrival of the 2022+ Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ marked a new generation for these beloved sports cars. Along with their redesigned looks and upgraded performance came a surge in the aftermarket parts market. Whether you want to enhance performance, handling, aesthetics, or simply add a personal touch, a vast array of 2022+ BRZ GR86 aftermarket parts awaits.

Diving into Performance: More Power

A common desire among car enthusiasts is unlocking more power from their vehicles. The 2022+ BRZ/GR86, with its updated 2.4-liter engine, offers a solid foundation for performance modifications. Before choosing upgrades, consider your goals and budget for your Subaru BRZ or Toyota GR86. This will help you prioritize the best modifications for your needs.

Boosting Power: An Overview

While various methods can boost power, each caters to different goals and budgets. Let’s explore some popular options that will improve your driving experience.

Exhaust Systems

A simple yet effective upgrade is a cat-back exhaust system. By reducing backpressure, it allows your engine to breathe more freely, yielding modest horsepower gains and a more aggressive exhaust note.

This is often the first step many owners take, instantly transforming the driving experience. An aftermarket exhaust for your Subaru BRZ or Toyota GR86 is an easy way to add a little more oomph to your ride.

Intake Systems

Similar to the exhaust, a cold air intake system improves airflow to the engine. By drawing in colder, denser air, the engine can achieve a more efficient combustion cycle, potentially increasing power output. You may also notice an increase in fuel economy.

Tuning Your Engine

To truly maximize your engine's potential, consider an ECU (Engine Control Unit) tune. Tuning alters the engine’s parameters, such as ignition timing and fuel mapping, allowing it to perform more efficiently and deliver more power. You may want to upgrade other components, such as the fuel pump, before installing an ECU tune. This ensures that your engine can handle the increased performance.

Sharpening Handling and Control: Suspension & Braking Upgrades

For enthusiasts, it’s not always about straight-line speed. The GR86 and BRZ are known for their handling prowess, but aftermarket parts can elevate that to another level. Consider investing in some choice upgrades to create a more responsive and enjoyable drive.

Fine-Tuning: Handling & Suspension Parts

Suspension upgrades can dramatically change how your car handles, whether on the track or during spirited driving on winding roads.

Lowering Springs: Finding the Right Drop

Lowering springs are a popular choice. They not only improve the aesthetics by lowering the car's center of gravity but also reduce body roll during cornering, providing a more responsive and planted feel. The amount of lowering you choose will depend on your desired aesthetic and driving style.

Strut Bars for Enhanced Chassis Rigidity

Strut bars are another excellent upgrade, especially for track use. By connecting the strut towers, these bars add rigidity to the chassis, reducing flex and allowing for more precise handling. Consider investing in a rear strut bar, which many owners find makes a noticeable difference in handling.

Braking Power

Don't forget the importance of stopping power to match the increased performance. Upgrading brake pads to a higher-performance compound, and pairing them with upgraded brake fluid, can provide better heat resistance and offer more consistent braking performance during spirited driving. Look for a direct brake upgrade kit that includes everything you need for a complete upgrade.

Aesthetic Upgrades: Making Your BRZ/GR86 Your Own

While performance upgrades might be the core focus, personalizing the car’s appearance is a close second. The 2022+ BRZ and GR86 models offer a clean slate for various aesthetic mods, allowing you to create a truly unique ride.

Exterior Enhancements: Body Kits and More

One of the most visually striking ways to modify your car is with a body kit. A well-designed body kit can add an aggressive edge or a more refined style.

Whether it's a front lip spoiler, side skirts, or a rear diffuser, body kits alter the car's aerodynamic profile while adding a distinct touch. For example, a rear differential cover can add a sporty look to the rear of the car, while a carbon fiber hood can give the front end a more aggressive appearance.

Wheels and Tires: More Than Just Looks

Upgrading your wheels and tires offers more than just aesthetic benefits. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight, which can enhance handling and acceleration.

Choosing grippier tires, while also considering proper wheel adapters, can improve your car's traction and cornering capabilities. This upgrade not only enhances looks but also delivers noticeable performance improvements. Make sure to also invest in quality wheel bolts for your new wheels, as this is a crucial safety aspect that shouldn't be overlooked.

Personal Touches

The possibilities for personalizing your 2022+ BRZ or GR86 are virtually endless. Consider a new steering wheel, aftermarket shift knobs for a sportier feel, or even custom interior trim to add a personal touch.

Upgrading your steering wheel with a set of polished steering wheel bolts can add a touch of luxury. For added safety and a more personalized feel, explore steering wheel adapters, allowing you to install a variety of aftermarket steering wheels.

Finding the Right Parts

When it comes to finding 2022+ BRZ GR86 aftermarket parts, research is essential. There are countless brands and retailers offering various parts, making it important to purchase from reputable sources known for quality products and excellent customer service. Look for brands known for their performance and reliability, such as Beatrush, Cusco, Carbing, and Acre.

These brands offer various products for the BRZ and GR86 platforms, from suspension components like strut bars and performance bars to brake upgrades like the Acre Super Fighter brake pads and oil catch cans. Be sure to choose a brand that aligns with your performance goals and budget.

The world of aftermarket parts offers a thrilling journey for 2022+ BRZ GR86 owners to transform their driving experience. This guide offers a taste of what’s possible but always research, ensuring you purchase the right parts for your driving style, intended use, and budget.

Remember, responsible modification involves a balance between personalizing your vehicle and maintaining its safety and reliability. Choose parts from reputable brands and consult with experienced mechanics for installation and advice.