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2011-2019 Audi A4 Aftermarket Parts

2011-2019 Audi A4 Aftermarket Parts

The 2011-2019 Audi A4, particularly the B8 generation (2009-2016), stands as a popular choice among car enthusiasts. The sleek design and renowned German engineering make it a great foundation for performance enhancement and personalized style. This means there's a wealth of 2011-2019 Audi A4 aftermarket parts out there, allowing owners to truly make their ride their own.

Upgrading Your 2011-2019 Audi A4: Why Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by companies other than Audi, and they offer an alternative to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. But why choose them over parts made by Audi themselves? Often, it comes down to these factors:

Performance Parts

Many A4 owners are driven by performance. Aftermarket parts give you a path to unlock extra horsepower, tighten up your handling, or improve braking performance. You'll find a variety of Audi B8 A4 performance parts specifically designed to boost aspects like horsepower and torque.

Think of upgraded turbochargers, intercoolers, and exhaust systems as prime examples. This allows you to truly fine-tune your A4's performance to your liking.

Customization: Making it Yours

The beauty of the aftermarket world is choice. You can find a air filter for your A4, whether that means carbon fiber accents for a sporty feel or subtle spoilers for improved aerodynamics. Aftermarket parts allow for greater flexibility compared to the more limited options often offered as OEM accessories.


While OEM parts come with the assurance of being specifically designed for your A4, aftermarket parts can present more competitive pricing. Plus, you have a wider selection of brands, offering potential savings without necessarily sacrificing on quality.

Key 2011-2019 Audi A4 Aftermarket Parts Categories

There are a lot of routes to customize and improve your A4, so let's dive into the most common upgrade areas that owners gravitate towards.

Engine & Performance

A common goal is to squeeze more power out of that already potent Audi engine. Consider upgrading these parts:

  • Air Intake: Replacing the restrictive stock intake system can help your engine breathe better, potentially improving horsepower. Think of it like giving your car larger lungs.
  • Turbocharger Intercooler: For those who want to really crank up performance (especially in turbocharged A4s), an upgraded intercooler can help to cool the air flowing from the turbo. Cooler air is denser, allowing for more power.
  • Exhaust System: A performance exhaust not only improves engine sound but a freer-flowing exhaust can improve horsepower and give your A4 a throatier growl. Many brands like Borla specialize in performance exhausts known for aggressive sound and design.
  • Timing Component Kit: For serious engine modifications or those focused on long-term reliability, an aftermarket timing kit allows for adjustments to optimize performance with your upgrades.

Suspension & Handling

The A4 already handles well, but you can always push its cornering ability. This involves focusing on components like:

  • Suspension Kit: Aftermarket suspension kits can lower your car’s center of gravity, improving handling. There are many kits, and coil-overs, which are height adjustable are a great option to fine-tune the ride height.
  • Sway Bars/Anti-Roll Bars: These reduce body roll during cornering, contributing to better stability through corners.


With more performance potential, you need to make sure stopping power can handle it. Key brake upgrades include:

  • Brake Kit (Rotors & Calipers): Performance brake kits, often with larger rotors and more powerful calipers will enhance braking performance.
  • Brake Pads: Choosing performance brake pads that resist fade under heavy braking is crucial for those track days or spirited drives.


Looks matter too. Common 2011-2019 Audi A4 Aftermarket parts that fall into this category include:

  • Carbon Fiber Accessories: Want to reduce weight and improve that sporty aesthetic? Think about a carbon fiber hood, trunk lid, spoiler or mirror caps. Just be prepared for the premium cost.
  • Wheels: An often overlooked modification. Upgraded, often lighter-weight wheels improve performance and can change the entire appearance of your car. Brands like Ti22 Performance are renowned for quality aftermarket options.
  • Lighting (Headlights & Tail lights): Upgraded headlights and taillights do more than improve appearance – they enhance visibility at night. Aftermarket LEDs, for example, are brighter and last longer than conventional bulbs.


Inside, make your A4 even more your own. These are common interior upgrades:

  • Shift Knob: A seemingly small change, a weighted shift knob, can significantly enhance the feel of shifting gears. This is popular with manual A4 owners.
  • Floor Mats: It’s about the details. All-weather mats are both practical and stylish. They protect your car's carpets. They're a worthy upgrade to keep the interior in tip-top shape.
  • Pedal Covers: Add some flare with aluminum or stainless steel covers that elevate the look beyond the standard rubber pedals.

Don't Forget The Essentials

Beyond exciting performance mods, don't neglect regular maintenance. Common 2011-2019 Audi A4 parts to always have on hand are:

  • Air Filter: An easy DIY that significantly impacts engine performance.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Crucial for ensuring your A4 is running efficiently and meeting emissions standards.
  • Catalytic Converter: If you are experiencing exhaust issues or failed emissions tests, this may require replacing.
  • Brake Kit (Pads & Rotors): Always maintain your braking system; replace these together when signs of wear become apparent.

Stepping into the world of 2011-2019 Audi A4 aftermarket parts is all about making it yours. Whether your goal is maximizing horsepower, making your A4 stand out on the road or track or simply making driving more enjoyable. Aftermarket parts open up endless possibilities. This allows you to customize performance, handling, style and comfort all within the A4 platform, turning a great car into one that reflects your personality.