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370z Aftermarket Parts

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370z Aftermarket Parts

The Nissan 370z, a true legend among sports car enthusiasts, has carved its place in automotive history. This rear-wheel-drive beast, known for its sharp handling and powerful V6 engine, is a canvas for personalization. Whether you're looking to squeeze out extra horsepower or give your Z a custom aesthetic, the world of 370z aftermarket car parts has something for everyone.

But with so many options available, figuring out where to begin can feel overwhelming. This is where we come in. You'll learn what to consider when choosing 370z aftermarket car parts. From boosting engine performance to upgrading interior parts and fine-tuning suspension, I’ll guide you on a journey of transforming your 370z into the dream machine you envision. Plus, we’ll take a look at some reputable sources like Z1 Motorsports and Kamispeed to give you a head start on your quest for the perfect parts.

Unleashing the Power Within: Performance Parts

When it comes to the 370z, many owners want to make this sports car even sportier. Performance upgrades are a popular route, and there's a wealth of aftermarket parts designed to boost horsepower, torque, and throttle response. Let's explore the most impactful upgrades:

Air Intakes

A cold air intake is one of the most basic and effective modifications you can make. This simple swap can give your 370z a noticeable boost in power. Why? Because it replaces the restrictive factory air intake with a less restrictive design, allowing your engine to breathe better. Imagine your engine taking a deep, satisfying breath—that’s what a cold air intake does for it. By getting more cool, dense air into the engine, you'll feel a nice increase in horsepower and torque. The aftermarket offers a range of options from brands like K&N and AEM. You'll often hear enthusiasts raving about the "whooshing" sound of air being sucked in – a welcome bonus that accentuates the 370z's sporty nature.

Exhaust Systems

Want to amplify the rumble of your V6 and unleash more horsepower? This is where exhaust systems come into play. Aftermarket exhaust systems, especially cat-back systems, open up the flow of exhaust gases, improving performance. This translates to gains in horsepower and torque. Many enthusiasts opt for cat-back systems for their ease of installation and noticeable power increase. While we're on the topic of sound, consider choosing an exhaust system with the right tone. This is subjective, of course—some prefer a deep, throaty rumble, while others like a higher-pitched scream. Brands like Magnaflow and Invidia are well-regarded for their high-quality exhaust systems and varying sound options.

Engine Management

Once you've upgraded your air intake and exhaust, it’s wise to look at engine management systems. Upgrading this allows you to fine-tune your engine’s parameters to extract the full potential of those new performance parts. Tuning with a programmer or standalone ECU lets you optimize fuel and ignition settings, squeezing out more power and refining throttle response. Some aftermarket ECUs even offer advanced features like launch control. While you don't *have* to upgrade the ECU after installing air intakes or exhaust systems, think of it like adding that extra pinch of salt to a recipe. It brings out the best in everything else and makes the entire dish – in this case, your car – more satisfying.

Other Performance Upgrades: Turbos, Superchargers

Of course, the world of performance upgrades doesn't stop at air intakes and exhaust systems. For hardcore enthusiasts seeking truly mind-bending power, consider forced induction upgrades like turbos or superchargers. Installing one of these onto your 370z engine will massively increase horsepower output. While this is an exciting realm, be prepared to do more extensive modifications and allocate a considerable budget.

Elevating Your Ride: Suspension Parts

The 370z is renowned for its exceptional handling. But upgrading your suspension with aftermarket parts can elevate that performance to new heights. Consider some options for enhancing the way your car feels on the road:

Lowering Springs and Coilovers

One of the first things that comes to mind when discussing suspension upgrades is lowering the car. Not only does it make the car look more aggressive, but lowering the 370z also reduces body roll and improves handling. Lowering springs, as their name suggests, shorten your car’s ride height. Coilovers take things further by allowing you to customize your car's ride height and damping. With the ability to fine-tune spring rates and damping adjustments, coilovers provide precise control over your car's handling characteristics. However, if you plan to frequently drive on rough roads, adjustable coilovers would give you flexibility to raise the ride height when needed. Brands like Tein and KW are popular choices among 370z enthusiasts seeking adjustable ride height.

Sway Bars and Braces

To stiffen the chassis and reduce body flex (that unwanted "wobble" feeling) during hard cornering, consider installing a set of sway bars and braces. By improving chassis rigidity, they lead to more precise handling. Strut tower braces tie the strut towers together to help reduce chassis flex under cornering loads. Similarly, a rear subframe brace reinforces the rear of the vehicle to reduce flex at the rear subframe. Both contribute to a more controlled and predictable driving experience.

Fine-tuning Your Grip: Wheels & Tires

Let's talk about how wheels and tires directly impact the overall feel and performance of your car, and that’s certainly true for your 370z. A change here will instantly change its aesthetic and affect grip. Upgrading your stock rubber to high-performance tires or exploring a new set of wheels are often at the top of the list.

High-Performance Tires

If you are seeking enhanced grip and traction on the road, then upgrading your tires is an excellent place to start. They can dramatically improve the 370z's handling. A new set of performance tires can deliver a huge difference in braking distance, cornering ability, and acceleration. When choosing high-performance tires, you will encounter terms like summer tires, all-season tires, or ultra-high-performance (UHP) tires. For your 370z, opting for summer tires or UHP tires would be a logical choice if your goal is maximum performance during dry or slightly wet conditions. This is because these tire compounds are formulated to grip better in warmer temperatures.


While performance gains with wheels mainly revolve around choosing lighter options (think of it like wearing lighter running shoes for better agility), there’s an equally important visual factor to consider. Wheels come in all sorts of designs and finishes that let you really tailor the look of your car. But make sure you do your homework. Not all wheels fit properly. Consider the following points before clicking “add to cart”: offset, bolt pattern, hub bore size, and backspacing. These factors make sure your wheels are a good match for your 370z. Resources like online wheel fitment guides or your trusted car parts guy can guide you.

Visual Refinement: Exterior & Interior 370z Aftermarket Car Parts

The 370z is sleek by design. You don't have to radically overhaul your car to give it an upgraded look. Aftermarket car parts open a world of possibilities for subtly enhancing its already striking visual appeal. So let’s dive into ways you can visually modify the exterior and interior of your 370z.

Exterior Upgrades

A subtle way to visually modify the car is through the installation of aftermarket spoilers, lips, and splitters. You'll find a wide range of these available. Not only can these elements change the look of the car they can also improve downforce, which is essentially the aerodynamic force pushing your car onto the road, for more stable handling at higher speeds. When you see a 370z speeding down a track or winding road, there's a good chance that carbon fiber has crept into the mix. Lighter than fiberglass and known for its striking woven pattern, it’s no surprise that many enthusiasts love adding carbon fiber parts to their 370z for its combination of strength and light weight.

Although there is some crossover between "Exterior Upgrades" and "Performance Parts", consider the context behind their use. If a splitter is being used mainly for downforce gains, it's more of a performance part. But if its role is predominantly to create a more aggressive look, then you can consider it an exterior styling upgrade.

Interior Accessories

Even subtle interior upgrades can make a big difference in how you connect with your car. Something as simple as a set of new floor mats keeps your car looking clean. Replacing the factory shifter with a shorter throw aftermarket shifter or upgrading your shift knob (especially popular with manual transmission cars) for a better grip or aesthetic can give you more control and transform your driving experience. Remember, personalizing your 370z should also be about enhancing *your* enjoyment of it.

FAQs About 370z Aftermarket Car Parts

How Much Horsepower Can You Add to a 370Z?

That’s like asking how high is up. There is no limit. It depends on your budget and ambition. You can get mild gains of 10-15 horsepower with bolt-on modifications like cold air intakes and exhaust systems. For those craving extreme power, serious engine work (think forged internals and forced induction) can push horsepower numbers to well over 500.

Why Was the 370Z Discontinued?

Although the 370Z had a long and impressive run, Nissan finally decided to retire it. The new kid on the block, the Nissan Z (RZ34), stepped into the spotlight as its successor.

What Is the Most Common Problem with the 370Z?

Like many cars, the 370z has its quirks, but one of the more common issues you'll hear about is the "Synchro Rev Match" in manual transmissions. Basically, some 370Z owners report problems with the transmission's ability to smoothly rev-match when downshifting. Though, don't be alarmed. Many enjoy years of smooth shifting in their 370z.

How Much HP Does a Stock 370Z Make?

Straight from the factory, the 370Z is no slouch. You'll find that the standard 370z packs about 332 horsepower. The NISMO variant steps it up with 350 horsepower. Keep in mind that those numbers are crank horsepower. The horsepower at the wheels will be a little lower after factoring in drivetrain losses.


Enthusiasts adore the Nissan 370z for a reason: it offers a pure, exciting driving experience, but what makes it truly special is that it's a car that encourages personalization. With its massive range of 370z aftermarket car parts, you'll find yourself tweaking and customizing it to reflect your individual driving style and preferences. 370z aftermarket car parts give you the power to amplify the 370z’s already-impressive attributes, from heart-pounding engine mods to fine-tuned suspension, you're creating more than just a car—it becomes an extension of your personality and driving passion.